Top 10 Things I Learned From Laurel

Top 10 things I learned from Laurel:

  1. Flip flops can be worn rain, shine, snow, hail, and all 4 seasons.
  2. A classic maroon velvet dress never goes out of style.
  3. Even when exhausted, there is always time to squeeze in 25 more minutes of cardio.
  4. Especially if that cardio is running stairs.
  5. Choosing to believe in another person even when they doubt themselves is incredibly empowering and confidence building to that individual.
  6. Never settle for what your best was last year, yesterday, or 10 minutes ago. Successes and failures can both be improved upon.
  7. Power walking and reading a book takes considerable skill, usually one perfected over decades.
  8. Speaking at national conferences is nothing once one has conquered the fear of losing the anchor position on the balance beam.
  9. Although success achieved as an individual is gratifying, the successes won with a team are more precious and way more fun.
  10. Invest your life into something that you believe in and that brings you joy. In doing so, you can impact hundreds, if not thousands, of people’s lives.

Laurel, not only my four years of undergrad, but for all the years since, your influence in my life has resonated and shaped the direction of my life. I believe college is formational for most people, but very few are privileged to have a coach and mentor who cares not just in making great athletes but also in shaping incredible people.

You helped me see that not only can I become a better leader and accomplish great things in my own right, but that as a leader my greatest accomplishment is when those around me succeed and that together the “win” is always sweeter. May this next adventure be as fun, fulfilling, and exciting as the last one.

Love, Corrie