To Laurel, From Smiz

Dear Laurel,

Hello from Portugal and happiest retirement to you! Sorry that I can’t be there in person to give you a hug and say CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for your commitment to a sport you love so much and one that certainly formed and shaped me so deeply. I’m grateful for the program you’ve led for so many years at SPU without which my 18 year old self never would have found her way to Seattle. I can’t imagine my life without Seattle and SPUGS and all that unfolded in that city for me. SPU and, really, SPU Gymnastics is where all of that began and where so many of my important friendships were formed. So, thank you for providing me that foundation for me and for everything you’ve done and given to so many of us SPUGS over the years. Know that I am there in spirit this weekend celebrating you and sending you the biggest hug!