Thanks LT

Dear LT,

Congratulations on your retirement. I can hardly believe this day has come. You have touched so many lives with your amazing commitment, dedication, and passion for SPU gymnastics, Washington gymnastics, and USA gymnastics. You created a special place at SPU where your teammates were more like family and a gymnast was able to not just maintain their skills but improve and develop new ones. SPU Gymnastics holds a very special place in my heart. Not only did I improve as a gymnast, but more importantly I meet some of my closest life long friends while I was there. The even better part is that our kids are now close friends and are growing up together. Through watching you I also learned how to coach school aged gymnasts. Your energetic teaching style was admirable and created a positive environment for all kids to learn. Your example and direction has helped me become a successful classroom teacher to my 1st graders. Thank you LT for the love and care you have shown the SPU gymnastic community. I have loved watching your legacy unfold. I can not wait to see where your life takes you next and what wonderful things you will do. With much love and gratitude.

Courtney Stump