So Proud Of You

Dear Laurel,

Well friend.... we are the “ originals” of a program that you brought to national prominence! That first season was so wild! Three of us heading to nationals taking on all those huge schools and making a name for our small Christian college. Our coach couldn’t even go with us so Virginia Hustad was our chaperone! I remember you had it write a protest for one of our bar routines! That was your first act as a college coach two years before you were even out of college! I am so proud of you for all you have done to keep the SPU program at such a high level for so long. You have an amazing work ethic & determination. I love that you got the chance to coach your own daughter! What a dream come true as she also became a national champion & followed in your footsteps. I hope & pray that you & Dave enjoy many adventures now that you have a little extra time. You deserve it dear friend! I am proud to call you my teammate & friend ❤️

Debbie Halle Jackson