Positive Impacts


You've positively impacted so many lives during your career, including mine. Knowing you, you will continue to do so in your retirement. SPU Gymnastics was very lucky to have you at the helm for all these years. Some of my favorite memories of our time together: - Your creative, thoughtful, and custom choreography for each of our routines - The fun we had preparing for and performing at Chico Jamborees - The time on the airplane when you had a soda in your hand, we hit a major bump of turbulence, the liquids came out of your cup and over the seat behind you...where myself and a couple others were sitting and got a sticky beverage shower! :-) - The care and hundreds of hours you spent sewing those beautiful sunset black and orange leotards for the entire team! - Your generosity and warm invite to your home for a delicious fondue party with your family. - The hours you drove the van over snowy passes and long highway stretches, getting all of us safely to and from far-away meets. - Your dependability and strength as you spotted me through some scary moves. - Your encouragement and support after I blew out my knee...I appreciate you not giving up on me through that tough time. You helped shape me into who I am today. I'm forever grateful for the dedication, integrity, heart and soul you invested in all of us SPU gymnasts. Congratulations on a successful career and best wishes on your next life chapter!

Cheers, Kathy

P.S. I have another commitment and won't be able to attend your party, but I plan to be there in spirit.