Getting Creative To Maximize Potential


My 4 years as a SPUG are some of my favorite. I appreciated how you helped me maximize my potential with creative combinations of skills. You are gifted with knowing how to get the most out of each individual. My skills weren’t as developed as others but you took my strengths and figured out how to get my start value the highest it could be. Thank you for using your expertise to help me have the best experience possible. I am proud of myself for getting better at gymnastics throughout college and for sticking with it for all 4 years. The discipline and time management I learned while being a student athlete have been valuable post college. My friendships made from the team are life long treasures. Thank you Laurel for giving so much of yourself to a sport I love and for taking the time to teach this old dog new tricks. :) I wish you the best in your retirement and would love to join you for a walk this fall. I’ll still be in Europe so am sorry to miss your retirement party. You are so worthy of celebration.

Love, Tina Berg (Lemm)