A Note From Samantha Taylor

Hi Sarah & Laurel,

I am sad to say, I will not be at the retirement celebration this upcoming weekend. I looked into traveling up for the party, however, ultimately was unable to make the trip. Laurel - thank you for the years of dedication, investment, and encouragement. You were always in our corner as students, as athletes, and as teammates (with our team and our own families). You knew each individually, and supported us to grow and reach our potential. I am forever grateful and thankful for my years at SPU, the mentorship, guidance, friendships, and experiences I had. Thank you for being a part of this. I hope to see you both soon. If one thing is true, seeing you in person all these years later, you both welcome any athlete back with open arms, a smile, hug, and as much care as you showed when they were in the gym every day durning training. Thank you for the years of support! Enjoy your next adventures!!

Samantha Taylor