A Letter from Shirley Fackler (Erickson)

I remember you as an inspiring gymnastics teammate my freshman year at SPC. I remember your senior year you had to vault in tennis shoes due to foot injuries. Some coaches complained because they said it gave you an advantage. Coach George set them straight. You just never let anything stop you. You were a superior gymnast who had competed internationally. The year SPC changed to SPU, you had become my coach. That was so cool! You knew gymnastics very well back then and you were a wonderful coach in the 1st year. I have lived in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and Missouri since then. I went to a few meets along the way when the team traveled to Boise, Idaho and Corvallis, OR. I moved to Renton in fall 2018, so I got to return to SPU and watch more meets in our home gym. Loved it! Thanks for all the years you've led gymnastics at SPU. I have admired you for 49 years!! Well done, Laurel.